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Sunday 5th August, 2018
Sydney Dog Lovers Show!

My favourite Sydney event - The Sydney Dog Lovers Show!!!

Seriously guys, if you haven't been yet and you love all things
dogs, then make sure you put it in your diary for next year!
It is without a doubt the best event that Sydney has. You know
how you get to an event and there's usually something you can
pick at that's not as good as it could've been? Well, this doesn't
happen here! (Unless, I'm just oblivious to it because all the
adorable dogs surpass anything negative!)

We don't have a dog yet, so this was our yearly fill of all the pats!
And there was potential for pats around every single corner, literally.
The Sydney Dog Lovers Show was held at the Hordern Pavillion in Sydney
and both indoor venues were packed with stalls of everything dog.
The best stalls were the stalls dedicated to all the different
breeds of dogs because each and every single one of them had at least
a few dogs hanging out. But our absolute favourite ones were the
rescue shelters with all their adorable dogs up for adoption. Although
we can not believe these dogs are up for adoption in the first
place. At some point in the day I found myself telling one of the
exhibitors of a shelter that my dream would be to have an acreage
and adopt all the dogs!

So if you're in a postion to have a dog, or you're thinking of getting
a dog; adopt, don't shop.

Side note: how good is the last photo of the choccy lab jumping into the
water, aww look at that face!

Saturday 7th July, 2018
All-You-Can-Eat Yum Cha, Bankstown

Yep! You heard me right! All-you-can-eat yum cha is in Sydney!

As soon as I heard about this, it excited me because yum cha is one
of my favourite things to go to. Traditionally, it is a way that
Chinese eat where there are many little dishes that come around on trolleys.
You pick whatever you want to eat from the trolley and there are a lot of
trolleys on rotation, so you'll end up with many circular steamer baskets on
your table; it's constant grazing, my favourite type of eating!
The traditional way is charged by dish and is only for lunchtime,
but Chef's Dynasty Restaurant in Bankstown are doing something different.
They're offering the same dishes you would find on the trolleys in yum cha,
but in buffet form and at dinner time.
You no longer have to keep a look out for the trolleys with your favourite
items, or silently complain why the trolley you want is never coming past
your table! Here it's just walk up to the buffet table at the front,
find what you want, grab however many you want and take it to your table.
Not to mention you don't have to worry about how much all these dishes are
costing you. You just pay one flat rate of $39/adult and you can eat to your
hearts content, or more like til your stomach wants to explode! Although,
don't expect the best yum cha/Chinese you've ever had. It's good for the price.
There's also a whole bunch of Chinese dishes included, like honey soy chicken and
prawn crackers. There was a LOT of food. The service was great! They
refilled the buffet quickly and they also clear your table just like
traditional yum cha. Definitely worth a go if you can pack a lot of
heavy food in ya!

Friday 25th May, 2018
The Rainbow Lorikeet, Up Close

I took this photo on a windy side street in Double Bay, Sydney.
This street was lined with the big trees with leaves that turn a stunning
auburn colour in Autumn and then fall. My guess is they must have some sort
of seed with the leaves because there were so many Lorikeets sprawled along
the pathway with their heads down to the ground.
And the sound! One of them is already quite loud, but a group of them make
a ruckus! I enjoyed it though because these are the birds that usually are
spotted as specks of bright, beautiful colour darting through the trees.
It was a rare chance to see so many of them on the ground and being able to
get so close to them!

Later on, I went to shoot at an apartment where I met a lady that told me she
gets up to 10 of the Rainbow Lorikeets on her balcony because of years of leaving
food out for them. I thought you could only get these pretty birds near lots
of trees, but this apartment was not near bushland.
So, if you want to attract these beautiful creatures, maybe just give bird seed
a go and see if they turn up! Although you might attract some big white
cockatoos as well, and be prepared for noise and consistent turning up everyday!

Sunday 20th May, 2018
Mum's 60th High Tea at Gunners Barracks

Mum's 60th is an occasion worth blogging about!

My mum loves scones and jam, so we took her to one of the best high teas
in Sydney - Gunners Barracks in Mosman.
It's basically the same menu for every guest, a Traditional Afternoon High Tea,
with the one exception; would you like boozy drinks with that?
We kept it clean and chose out of their multiple range of teas we're so familiar with
and some with creative twists. We sat on the balcony that has a 180 degree view
of Sydney Harbour, which is the other factor that drew me in to bring my Mum there.

May in Sydney is Autumn, so there were clear blinds down to block the wind and
the balcony was slightly heated. I would imagine spring or summer on the balcony
would be stunning with the blinds lifted and nothing between you and the view.
It is a lovely morning out and it made the hour and a half booking go past
very fast. It is a shame the bookings aren't for longer, you only just start
relaxing in your company when the waiter comes over and tells you its time to go!

Friday 27th October, 2017
Canterbury Park Summer Nights, Canterbury Foodies & Farmers Market

This weekend was the first of the Summer Nights hosted by Canterbury Park
& Canterbury Foodie & Farmers Market. It's every Friday for the summer
season, up til Friday the 2nd March 2018 from 5pm - 10pm. We got there around
8pm and it was buzzing! There are food stalls, a petting zoo & to our surprise,
night horse racing! And it was legit, with crowds of people betting with drinks
in hand. It was such a good night out!

As much as I loved the atmosphere, I love talking about food more! So here's
a couple of the dishes I had from the night;

Two Hungry Italiani - Pesto Pasta Bowl
This is what my dreams are made of, carb on carb, pasta IN a pizza base bowl!
And how cute is the ute they've done up with the pizza oven for the pizza base
bowls and the stovetop at the back for the pasta; genius!
Hungary Bites - Caramello Cone (not sure if this is the actual name, but the
Caramello Koala is the reason I got it)
This is pretty much as sweet and delicious as you see it in the image, apart from
the Dulche de leche spread throughout the inside of the cone that you can't see, YUM!

Saturday 14th October, 2017
Night Noodle Markets, Sydney for Good Food Month

You still have a chance to let loose and spend all your money to satisfy
your indulgent side with the above creations! The Sydney Night Noodle Markets
are on until the end of this week - Sunday 22nd of October.
If you haven't been before, these markets are definitely one worth visiting.
There are so many food stalls to choose from! Every single thing that you see
in passing peoples hands look so tasty. But I had a list ready to go of what
I wanted to try; hence why you go somewhere in the middle of the time period
of the markets so you can see all the posts from foodies and vendors of what
there is. My picks are the images you see above:

House Of Crabs
Prawn Toast – Sesame, Sriracha
Soft shell Po Boy – Singapore sauce, sesame mayo
Cloud Thief (boyfriend's pick)
Old School Trifecta – Braised Pork Belly, Fried Chicken and Peking Duck Bao
Bite Chew Drink
Bulgogi Bread Bowl, Kimchi, Glass Noodles, Cheese
Nutie Donuts
Vegan Bento Dessert Box - Miss Taro - Coconut Cake, Taro Milk Tea Custard
Taro Boba, Sprinkles, Black Sesame Ice Cream
Gelato Messina
O-Not-Giri – Green tea gelato & pistachio mousse
dipped in rice bubbles & white chocolate
Kamikaze Katsu – Our deep fried gelato katsu sandwich!
Sudachi lime gelato coated in red velvet cake and panko
crumbs sandwiched in fluffy white bread with yuzu sauce

I tried my best to capture the things I loved about each one of those dishes
so I won't bore you with the descriptions of what was delicious about them.
All I'll leave you with is, you NEED to go and try them for yourself!

Sunday 8th October, 2017
Newtown Good Food Fair

It's so hard to keep up with all the events happening now that spring has
come! The ones that I want to go to are even overlapping, it's a struggle
to decide which one to spend all of our money at.

Last weekend was the Newtown Good Food Fair, which was a gathering of a
lot of the main players in the food game from Newtown, concentrated down
one street and the front of the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre.

Here are my highlights:

Gelato Messina's Choc Top - I know many of you have probably already tried
it or think that it can't be that special cause its just a choc top, but
oh my goodness! It was a party in my mouth! It felt like I was
eating caramel popcorn with every lick of the ice cream. My favourite
part though, was the cone. My favourite part of a cornetto is the
chocolate part at the bottom, my favourite thing to order from Ben & Jerrys
is a double scoop in the chocolate dipped wafer cone. I don't know what it
is about chocolate covered baked biscuity things, but they are definitely
my ultimate weakness. And this choc top by Gelato Messina had a chocolately,
cakey layer all the way down the cone encasing the ice cream - HEAVEN!

Black Star Pastry's Beef Brisket Pie & Custard Flan - Pie is my ultimate
savoury weakness, if there's a pie on the menu, I'm getting it. The 2 things
that make a good pie is the pastry and the filling. Black Star Pastry have the
flakiest pastry on their pies - flakes were going everywhere with every bite!
And of course, the filling was equally amazing!
The custard tart is the item of pastry I would always pick as a kid from the
display cabinet. I don't think I have ever had a more delicious, scrumptious,
smooth, sweet, melt-in-your-mouth custard tart as this one by Black Star Pastry!
You know how you judge the actors in ads for delicious chocolates or ice creams
and think they look stupid when they close their eyes out of satisfaction?
Well, that was me with the first bite of this custard flan, except my eyes were
rolling back as well.

Saturday 16th September, 2017
Ikea Bus Stop Couch, Newtown Station

This is pretty cool!

I was driving through Newtown and this bright yellow colour caught my eye
while waiting at a traffic light. So I had to pull over to take a quick photo
to share with you guys! It's on the main intersection of Newtown Station,
where King St turns into Enmore Rd, directly across from the station.

Good job Ikea! This is definitely a smart way to promote. But most importantly,
a very fun way to make a statement. It put a smile on my face as soon as I saw it!
I know I'd be just that little bit more happy when catching the bus from that stop.

Sunday 10th September, 2017
Festival of the Winds, Bondi Beach

One of the festivals in Sydney where the inner child in every single person
takes over. It's the Festival of the Winds held at Bondi Beach once a year.
The view is breath-taking from wherever you enter the Bondi Beach vicinity.
Whether it's through the shop/apartment streetscape, which is how we saw it
the first time, or coming down and around the hill that opens up to the vast
expanse of sand and sea - your first experience of this festival is a sky
full of colours. The Festival of the Winds showcases the amazing kites of Sydney.
From small to gigantic, they were all there on marvellous display & flying in
harmony. It definitely is a sight to see & you can't help but be in awe of
the beauty of it all - the colours, the shapes, the movement.

And to compliment the massive display of kites, there were a couple of shows
happening along the boardwalk. My favourite was the aerial display put on by
the amazingly talented artists at Aerialize in Canterbury. A show of what
people can do when they take to the skies. It was elegant, mesmerising,
nail-biting, strong and fittingly beautiful with the backdrop of flying kites
in the background.

Saturday 9th September, 2017
Arnott's Wagon Wheel Ice Cream by Peters

This made me so happy when I heard about it!
Peters Ice Cream has brought out an ice cream version of the famous
and incredibly tasty, Wagon Wheel by Arnott's Biscuits.
It's seriously heaven with every bite & exactly how you would expect it
to taste, with what seems like the exact same biscuit layer and jam filling.
You can find it in your Coles supermarket & if you ask me, this collaboration
is definitely one worth trying & it's also way too easy & convenient to buy
and stock up in your freezer at home to eat whenever you have that reminiscent
sweet tooth craving! No need to make that late night car ride to your local
Maccas anymore!

Saturday 2nd September, 2017
The General Eatery, Dulwich Hill

Corn Fritter Burger. This place has a corn fritter burger on their menu
and it is sooo yummy!! It's the last burger pictured above with the
amazingly perfect runny yolk - a definite must-get if you ever visit here!
(Which I recommend you do!)

We were in the area doing apartment hunting and had a break around lunchtime
& found this place. It's in the cute town centre of Dulwich Hill in Sydney,
just walk down Marrickville Road in Dulwich Hill and you'll eventually find these
signs, one behind the other. It's 2 spaces belonging to the one name,
connected by a couple of doors, corridors and windows. One side a
cafe/dining/bar space & the other a take away/supplies store.

The inside seating was all taken when we walked in around 12:30pm & the
outdoor seating was almost all taken too - as usual that's how you can tell
a place is worth spending time and money on. I've driven past this venue
at night on a previous occasion and could tell it was the place to be on
an evening out, with people coming and mingling through the warmly lit windows.
Today, we opted for the outdoor seating since it was such a nice sunny day,
also cause I've always loved the vibe of the inner west cafe-lined streets
with a dog trotting by every few minutes (my favourite part about eating
outside in the inner west!)

The food does not disappoint here. That corn fritter burger was a sure decision
as soon as I read through the menu. Corn fritter, fried egg (with gooey yolk!),
bacon, avocado, some sort of heavenly mayonnaise & chilli sauce on a brioche type
burger bun. Like I said at the beginning of the post - YUM!
Do yourself a favour, & walk/drive/bus/train/lightrail/fly yourself to The General
Eatery in Dulwich Hill!

Sunday 20th August, 2017
The Sydney Tea Festival

Only a week after the Smooth Chocolate Festival, came the Sydney Tea Festival.
I couldn't ask for better timing! So many festivals celebrating yummy &
comforting things during this cold winter season!

My favourites were there as expected;
Brooklyn Boy Bagels
Donut Papi
And to my surprise, there were a couple of stalls there that I've been
following so I finally got to try them & they did not disappoint!
Peri Pena
Mr Goaty Gelato

The ones I was specifically looking forward to regarding tea (since it
is the tea festival after all) were:
T Totaler - their tea & hot chocolate mixes, pictured is their french
earl grey tea x hot chocolate. And yes, that's fairy floss on top!
The Rabbit Hole - I saw on Instagram a week before the festival that
these genius people created real tea concentrates. They sounded too good to
be true so I had to make a beeline for their stall and see for myself. And
it is better than what I expected - its like tea syrup, nothing bad added.
It's just their tea made into a pure liquid that you can add to milk, hot water
or even your baking! Genius!

There were 2 stalls that completely took me by surprise &
have made a follower out of me!
Ayur Co - This stall offered a tea that was like no other & I'm not
just saying that it was a different flavour. It was completely different.
It is not tea leaves, it's a mix of spices, seeds and herbs and as soon as you
drink it you can feel the warm healing essence spreading through your taste buds
and body - it was amazing & we will definitely be a regular customer for these guys!
Long Leaf Tea Vodka - At first I wasn't sure whether the word Vodka was just
a branding word or if the tea actually had vodka, but yep, this stall was serving
Tea Vodka! It was definitely an experience on the taste buds. It had the taste
of vodka, only it wasn't burning as it went down, it was more soothing. They
were also serving it in a cocktail mix with ginger beer, and they were
delicious & refreshing! We bought 3, ha! For gifts of course, and one for us!

Overall, this years Sydney Tea Festival was quite good. Probably our most
expensive one yet since Australia is turning up their game in the tea world.
There is so much more varieties of tea available, can't wait to see what
comes up next year!

Saturday 12th August, 2017
Smooth Festival of Chocolate A.K.A the day where way too many
temptations are in the one place

All the images you just saw are not even all the incredible sweets that
I had on my list to try, let alone ALL the stalls that were there.
This is the Smooth Festival of Chocolate, the only weekend in Sydney
where there is a ridiculous amount of chocolate within a 2km radius.
I'm talking 50+ stalls of chocolatey, ice creamy, doughy goodness!
You still have tomorrow to go into the city to get your own fill of
incredible sweet stuff. It's on for this weekend only & happens once a year.

It's definitely worth it, just try and make it in the morning & maybe bring
some water with you if you're planning on going as overboard as we did.

Sunday 6th August, 2017
Sydney Dog Lovers Show

We have been looking forward to this weekend for a very long time!
The Dog Lovers Show was finally on this weekend in Sydney!! Seriously
the happiest place on earth. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning
when I woke up, ha! Imagine the excitement the day I can get
a doggy of my own!

Needless to say, this event was everything I thought it would be &
more. There were so many dogs of every different breed walking around.
They were chilling out in stalls, showing off their skills and training
on stages, sitting in breeder talks - they were everywhere. And to a
dog-lover, it was a dream! It definitely lived up to its hype & did not

These shots are just a fraction of the amazing things we saw today. Not only
are the dogs incredibly talented in tricks and helping people in all aspects of life
but some of the people at the stalls for adoption are equally amazing. They give
so much love to abandoned dogs, taking them in and looking after them, rehabilitating
them just so they can be adopted by a loving home.

I heard a quote today & it definitely is the moral of the day - adopt don't shop.
I know we definitely will be.

Saturday 29th July, 2017
Late night Krispy Kreme run

We rarely have those nights where we need a hit of something ridiculously
sweet, but tonight was one of those nights. We try to eat as healthy as
we can day-to-day, but when we crave something sweet, we go a bit crazy.
I guess that's the only way to go!

This time, it was a late night run to Krispy Kreme in Auburn.
Like most of my cravings, it came from a post by Krispy Kreme
on Instagram of their new special edition flavours - Triple Choc,
Choc Fudge Brownie, Choc Cheesecake & Choc Mint. I'm a sucker for
anything with the combination of chocolate and mint. I'm also
a sucker for anything that involves carbohydrates & ice cream.
So naturally, when I saw that Krispy Kreme did sliders on the screen
I HAD to get one! It was so delicious! Imagine a classic Krispy Kreme
glazed donut - soft, fluffy, sweet, sticky, only filled with creamy ice cream.
Cause that's exactly what it is & it is as scrumptious as you would think.

Saturday 22nd July, 2017
My very own Keep Cup!

After such a long time since its creation, I finally have my
very own Keep Cup! I decided to go with the 'Design Your Own'
option & it's definitely worth it! I was so happy getting
exactly what I wanted when I opened the box - colours and all!
If you don't know what a Keep Cup is, it's a reusable coffee cup
so you don't need to trash a coffee cup everyday you get your coffee hit.

I'm also quite impressed with the delivery time; shoutout to Keep Cup
and especially Australia Post. I appreciate how they have adopted a
system where they notify you of each step of the delivery, from packing
through to arrival at destination, or in my case, the redirection to a local
Australia Post.
Thanks for the quick, easy & amazing service Keep Cup & Australia Post!

Saturday 20th May, 2017
Mum's Birthday at Tea Cosy

I know this is going back a few months, but it's been pretty crazy
these past few months with work, so I'm posting this now. Better
late than not posting it at all, cause this place is worth posting about!

When I found this place on Google, I knew my mum would absolutely love it.
I took her there for her birthday for afternoon tea, and it was perfect.
What wouldn't be perfect about a slightly chilly afternoon spent with
people you love in the living room of a cute, old terrace house,
drinking tea from tea pots in cosies, eating scones with fruity jams & knitting!
If you think it sounds cute, it was exactly that. You'll find the entrance
among the terrace houses down the far end of The Rocks in Circular Quay.
Just make sure you are prepared to wait a little on a Saturday cause it was
completely full when we arrived. We lucked out as a big table cleared when we
walked in. (That's how you can tell it's worth checking out!)

The scones are addictive & fluffy. The jams are sweet and the flavours
are unique. The teas are presented in a cute sweater & vary in many tastes.
The home-made cold drinks, which also have teas infused in them, are
refreshing & hit new tones in the tastebuds. The bowls of yarn & knitting needles
on each table evoke a sense of creativity and fondness. The picture frame
filled walls & warm lamp interiors are perfect at making anyone feel like
they're sitting in their own living room, or grandmas! This place is amazing
& I'm so glad it exists in Sydney!

Friday 7th July, 2017
World Chocolate Day

World Chocolate Day today! I don't know why there is such thing as World
Chocolate Day, but I can't complain. It's just another excuse to
stuff myself silly with all the things that produce joy and
happiness - chocolate!

We left it til too late and missed out on the special giant Donutella Versace
that Doughnut Time created (if you don't know what I'm talking about
look up Doughnut Time Donutella Versace and you'll see).
So since it was 9pm already, we decided to just grab a whole bunch of
the chocolatey treats down the one Woolworths aisle that we usually try to
run straight past on our weekly grocery shop. It was great, I admit that I went
pretty overboard since I never get to splurge on chocolate treats and we
don't keep that stuff in our cupboards at home.

So, this is the result of our shop. Who needs to pay 30ish bucks to get an
out of control dessert when you can make it yourself with whatever you feel
drawn to as you stroll down the chocolate/biscuit aisle?

Sunday 4th June, 2017
Vivid 2017, Sydney

That time of the year again; when Sydney is cold, wet and becomes the perfect
canvas for a light show. Vivid is a light show that happens annually.
It's light installations, light shows, light sculptures, interactive light displays,
light creations, basically all types of weird and wonderful ways to showcase light.

These are just a few images of my favourite installations from this year.
The botanic gardens is turned into quite a stunning walk from the Opera House
to the highest point of the gardens. There are glimpses of light from
all the different installations as you walk through, and when you get closer
you start to understand what they are. In some cases, the installions are
amazing and mysterious from a distance - just like the image of the tree encased
in an arch of light.

Food creators are even taking part in the light craze. These photographs are of
the Glow Cave Dessert Bar by Black Star Pastry & N2 found in Martin Place.
It's a red cube on the higher side of Martin Place where you walk through a door
on one side to a pitch black room with what appears to look like only
glowing circles & spoons. As your eyes adjust, you can see the people behind the
counter of glowing donuts & glowing liquid in cups. Take your photos inside
the black room though, cause once you're outside, the glow will no longer appear.

If you're planning on going, make sure you're wearing your walking shoes &
you're mentally and physically prepared to brave the cold, possible rain &
definite crowds cause this event is one that Sydney-siders don't miss.
It's still on now until the 17th of June, one more week to go!

Mi Goreng - the staple food that is found in almost every asian household.
Being Malaysian Chinese, I grew up with an endless supply of Mi Goreng in the
pantry that I would have almost every afternoon after school because it was
so easy to prepare & delicious! There is nothing quite like Mi Goreng.

This is why I think Guilty, a diner in Darlinghurst - Sydney, were genius to
think of the idea of a Mi Goreng burger! A moist chicken thigh fillet marinated
& fried in Mi Goreng along with pickled asian slaw, sriracha & a special sauce
(which I reckon is the sauce packets that come with the Mi Goreng packet that you
add to the noodles for flavour, and if you've had it before, you would know that
this is what makes Mi Goreng what it is!)

Needless to say, the burger was incredibly yummy! Unfortunately, it was
a special menu item, but good news is they will have another special
coming soon! It's definitely a place to keep on your watch list!

Sunday 14th May, 2017
Mother's Day, Mum's House

Bought my parents an outdoor setting for their backyard last Christmas,
so we thought we would surprise my mum with a delicious lunch spread
(since I still have the keys for the family home, ha!)
We went to the Orange Grove Markets the day before, mostly to check it
out cause we've heard so much about it, but we also got the bagels
from Brooklyn Boy Bagels, along with the salmon pate & smoked mussels
from Inhouse Smokehouse. Broomfield Pie Co also had a stall there, but
I'll save that for another blog post cause pies are one of my favourite
things in this world!

Orange Grove Markets is in the school grounds of Orange Grove Public School
in Lilyfield, Sydney. They have organic food stalls, meaning fresh food!
They also have a plant nursery section & the rare clothing or knick knacks store.
They are definitely worth checking out on a Saturday morning if you love your
quality produce.

The scones you see pictured are from our morning adventures before heading
out to Mum's. We found them at Marrickville Markets at Paddy The Baker,
specialising in traditional Irish breads. If you're market hopping,
why not go and make a weekend out of it & visit Marrickville Markets on
Sunday morning after the Orange Grove Markets - fresh food/produce,
yummy scents of toasties & corn fritters being made fresh, fresh flowers,
boutique hand made gift stores like wooden boards - its a pretty fun
and relaxed way to spend a Sunday morning!

Last, but definitely not least, that cake you see on the top right corner,
that is the Custard Filled Pecan Danish from Coles! Don't judge it based on
where it's from before you try it. This cake has a soft spot in my heart
because my dad would always buy it when I was growing up. It was one of
the things I would love to see in the fridge. Even though my dad said he
said he used to buy it for me, I reckon he loved it just as much!

Needless to say, the Mothers Day lunch spread was yummy and of course
Mum loved it! Good food, good quality time with the people I love.

Sunday 7th May, 2017
Sushirito, Spice Alley

Recently, we found out that there is such a thing as Sushi Burritos.
Today, we went and ate them!

My partner absolutely loves sushi, so it wasn't a surprise when he
suggested we try them since we were in the area. They can be found at
Sushirito, one of the eateries in Spice Alley, Chippendale, Sydney.
It's just as you would expect, a giant sushi & of course, 10x the flavour.
So if you're like my partner & would eat every sushi if money wasn't a factor,
definitely go for a visit to Spice Alley & get one of these.

Saturday 4th March, 2017
Mardi Gras Parade, Oxford St - Sydney

Happy Mardi Gras!

Last night was my first time going into the city to witness the annual Mardi Gras
Parade in Sydney. It was as colourful, sparkly, loud, over-the-top as you would expect.
The Australian LGBTQIA definitely know how to put on a show and party in Sydney!
The crowds were crazy, the streets lining the parade were packed in like
a can of sardines. The only breathing space we got was at the end of the parade,
and the marchers/performers were still full of energy and giving their all.
These photos are just a glimpse of the spectacular 4 and a half hour parade.
The atmosphere on the street was contagious, many houses lining the street
pumping music with people dancing on the balconies, onlookers cheering in support
every time a float went by. About one in every 5th person was dressed up in support,
whether donning some glitter or something rainbow.

I hope you enjoy these images & can see just how much love this community spread.

Wednesday 22nd February, 2017
Donut Papi, Pop Up at Tramsheds Harold Park

Harold Park is a new development in Sydney consisting of residential and commercial.
The hub of activity at the moment is Tramsheds Harold Park. It used to be the old
Tramway depot of Rozelle & is now the home of many of the best eateries Sydney has
to offer. One of them for now (and hopefully forever!), is Donut Papi!
They sell donuts with drool worthy fillings and crinkles, which are cream filled
cookie sandwiches. I had to make a trip into the city to grab a boxful of these treats.
I was looking forward to the Ube filled donut, but they has already sold out by
the time I got there! :( Another reason for me to go back again!
So instead we got a Caramel Custard & a Matcha donut & a Nutella Crinkle.

They were so yummy! Hurry and catch them every Sunday Morning, but be sure to
arrive early to make sure you get your pick of flavours.

Sunday 12th February, 2017
The Sydney Morning Herald Lunar Markets, Pyrmont Park

This should be the last Chinese New Year related post I do - I think!

This is a post about a couple of weeks ago when The Star & The Sydney
Morning Herald threw a party in celebration for the Lunar New Year.
It was held at Pyrmont Park, right in front of The Star in Sydney & was
a foodies heaven, as most markets happening in Sydney are nowadays.
The park was lined with food stalls of all types of asian cuisine. And even
though it was raining when we arrived, people stayed - in lines at stalls,
at their tables eating, strolling around to get their next food fix.

I made sure I looked up and followed the Lunar Markets instagram so I
was prepared once I arrived with what stalls I wanted to beeline for!
The one I was looking forward to the most was the Bubble Bar. It's the
bubble teas that we're all use to like Easy Way, Chatime or Gong Cha, except
mixed with alcohol - What a fun idea!
The flavours used in the dishes you see pictured, were so unique & unlike
any flavour combinations I've tasted before. Of course Black Star Pastry,
N2 Gelato & Baked by Andres did not disappoint with their Gong Xi Fa Chocolate
in the gelato cup with the syringe sticking out & their Matcha Frog.
I could never pass up the opportunity to stick some McDonalds fries into
the soft serve ice cream, so when I saw that One Tea Lounge were doing
a matcha soft serve plopped on top of a bowl of waffle fries, I had to have it!
Don't even get me started on the cookie shots that they had as well.
It was matcha latte in a cookie cup, a ridiculously sweet take on the traditional
bedtime ritual of dunking some biscuits into milk!

In summary, I walked back to the car with my tummy pushing the boundaries of my jeans.

Saturday 11th February, 2017
The Beach At The Cutaway, Barangaroo

Thinking about cooling down at a beach on a 40 degree day, reminded me of a couple of
weekends ago when we went to one of the Sydney Festival events - The Beach.
It is an interactive art installation by Snarkitecture, that came to
the new Barangaroo Reserve for the annual festival Sydney has for cultural celebration
through high quality art & big ideas. It was definitely worth waiting in the line
that snaked around 4 times.

The installation is simply a beach, recreated. The water is a sea of white plastic
balls, like the ones you see in a childs ball pit. The sea shore is lined with deck chairs
to relax and unwind or watch your kids play in the water. The floor even slopes
down as you enter the 'water' and goes deeper as you wade further in. It is a
genius idea and was more fun than I anticipated it would be! Side note if you ever
get a chance to experience The Beach installation, it is surprisingly hard to
stay afloat in the 'water'!

Saturday 4th February, 2017
CNY on Kensington St, Block Party

Another Chinese New Year post! This time, we went to check out the block party
that Kensington St in Chippendale, Sydney were putting on. The party was already alive
and kicking by the time we arrived with people filling the street & little
alleys of food. Live Chinese music could be heard approaching the street entrance and many people
entering and leaving the block party - it was an absolute buzz of life & red & gold!

Kensington St is also home to Spice Alley, an alley opened to the skies with lanterns
stretching from rooftop to rooftop, and best of all, lined with food outlets of all sorts
of asian cuisine. The whole alley is designed in a way to bring you into the heart of an
asian food market. The food outlets are inside asian designed huts all adjoined to each other.
You definitely won't be left hungry or without a choice of food here. Spice Alley is always
there, so grab some friends or go and check it out for your lunch break whenever you can!

Monday 30th January, 2017
Kakawa Chocolates, Mahjong Pieces

I had to add these quickly to my blog while everyone's still celebrating Chinese New Year!
Saw a photo of these posted on Kakawa's instagram & knew I had to grab some and share.
They're mahjong blocks made of chocolate! Mahjong is a Chinese game that is similar
to a card game but played with 136 or 144 pieces that are like mini tiles (as you can see
in the images above). It's loud and fun, but I always seem to forget how to play.
I've noticed that Sydney is hosting a few mahjong games around the city to celebrate
Chinese New Year this year, so be sure to go and check it out!

Flavours: Matcha & white chocolate, Coffee caramel & passionfruit ganache,
Ginger caramel with kaffir lime leaf & lemongrass ganache.
They are still available for a limited time, I think more boxes are
in stock at the Kensington store.
Chocolate mahjong tiles - genius! Can't wait to eat them!

Saturday 28th January, 2017
Chinese New Year, Taiyi's House

My favourite thing about Chinese New Year - the family getting together.
And I think I speak for many Chinese kids/young adults when I say the
second favourite thing is the red packets of money (ang baos as we call it in our dialect).
Third favourite thing is the food! This year my mum made some chilli crab, yum!
I don't eat crab often, and this is the first time I have eaten crab cooked this way since
I was too young to crack the shell myself. So this was the first time I have
learnt to crack the legs off and get to the delicious soft meat. My mum also made
a traditional Malaysian hakka dish - pork & yam (not sure what we call it in our dialect).
The pork is tender & the yam is just the right fork-piercing texture, mixed with
soy sauce amongst other spices and sauces to make it mouth-watering!

Happy Chinese New Year guys!
I wish you joy, happiness, prosperity and everything good this year of the Rooster!

I've been wanting to visit Ume for a long time now & since the Sydney Festival is on
at the moment, we ended up there for lunch! In fact it ended up being the only reason
we went to Barangaroo (Reminder not to go & see 'The Beach' at the Cutaway at Barangaroo
Reserve in the middle of the day on a Saturday)!

Barangaroo is definitely becoming the hub of everything in Sydney, it has already
got many dining options that look amazingly funky and delicious. Amongst them is
Ume Burger. They specialise in burgers made with Japanese flavours - YUM!
The burgers are worth going back for time and time again. They're surprisingly
light on the stomach considering that a burger is known for it's heavy, filling nature.
It is probably packed with more flavour than the standard cheeseburger, where you only
get mouthfuls of cheese and meat.

One of our burgers (pictured) was from the specials menu - the Karaage Burger, which is a
Japanese special deep fried chicken. The other one was from the standard menu - the Ebi Burger,
which was a handmade prawn katsu with Japanese tarare sauce and shredded cabbage.

If you had any doubt, these flavours 100% work in burgers & I am so glad I live
in a country that has so many different cultures and so many different cuisines!
When you have a weekend free, or a night off, visit the Wulugal Walk at Barangaroo.
It's a whole bunch of new restaurants facing the harbour. I'll keep you updated
on our Sydney Festival journey when we decide to brave the crowds again.

The first post of 2017 - Happy New Year guys!

This is what I got up to this year, since I didn't really feel like venturing
into the hustle and bustle of Sydney city for the fireworks.
My partner & I went to the only drive in cinemas left in Sydney!
I can't believe there are no other ones in this city. It was definitely
a very well spent evening; completely hassle-free, relaxing and an amazing chance
to unwind and not take the New Years Eve too seriously.
From the moment we drove passed it on the freeway & saw the huge, old school drive in sign,
I knew we were in for a good night. The ticket gates were drive through and the ticket
scanners were decked in all white. There were 2 screens for 2 different movies on two opposite ends
of the big asphalt field. Right in the middle was the 1950s American-themed diner, complete with
the drive in menu of hot dogs, burgers, & wings. The interior had leather bay seating and
a collection of artworks on the walls from the 50s, even the workers were dressed
in red and white striped uniforms.

We took our dessert consisting of a sundae, a cookies and cream milkshake, a choc top
& a twinkie back to our car & got comfy in our boot to watch the movie.
Showing that night was the 9pm fireworks and following that the movies Sing & Moana. We saw Sing
which we highly recommend! It made us laugh & was just a feel good movie with quality
talent & amazing stories/morals of life. Definitely a good way to end 2016!

Friday 2nd December, 2016
The Hunter Valley

Day One
The Villa Janji

These are the photos of the first place we came to once in the Hunter Valley; our beautiful villa.
It definitely lived up to everything I imagined it would be to when I saw it online.
The Villa Janji, on the estate of Midnight's Promise, is absolutely stunning on arrival;
but what we loved the most about it, was that it created a complete feeling of being on a retreat
up in the hills of the Hunter Valley.

Sun Down, One
The Traditional Pizza Oven

As if the balinese villa isn't amazing enough, they have also built a traditional wood-fired
oven just seconds from the front foor of our villa! We went mid-week, so it felt like we had the whole
estate to ourselves. We took our pizza ingredients down to the oven & spent the afternoon under
the vine grown gazebo drinking wine and making our pizzas while the sun was setting right infront
of us over the hills. It was magical.

Day Two

The main thing you would go to the Hunter Valley for is wine. It is known as one of
the great wine regions in NSW & it's not too far from Sydney - about 2 hours north.
While you're there it's worth checking out the Hunter Valley Gardens & the cute little
village shops across the way from the gardens.
These images were my favourite dramatic aspects from the gardens. I took so many other
photos of the gardens but these two resonated with me. There are many, many landscaped gardens
and spaces that were immaculate and absolutely beautiful, calming (& occasionally fun) to be in.
The storybook gardens had a gigantic red chair which could fit 20 or more people
standing comfortably on the seat. Almost all the other various themed gardens were
calming and beautiful spaces. The gardens that I did not want to leave were the ones
where bends lined with tall trees obscuring your view eventually opened up to an open
secluded space - they were like havens.

Probably the best spontaneous find ever, thanks to my partner for spotting
a random bike tied to a pole with the sign 'Vegan Food' with an arrow pointing left.
We saw the place tucked into a corner of a building with big lettering on the window facing the street
'Om Vegan Kitchen'.

This place took me to my happy place as soon as we walked in. I could smell the spices and aromas coming
from the delicious food, but I could also smell the incense which brought me back to holidays at
Byron Bay & yoga studios. The food is all presented to you in bowls, for you to pick and choose
what and how much you would like. Your plate is then weighed at the end & that is how much it costs.
It's brilliant! Not to mention the most delicious vegan food in Sydney so far, according to my partner
who grew up in Lismore/Byron Bay area (so he would know).

There were dishes such as mushroom stroganoff, baked chips, lentil curries, cauliflower saffron rice,
it was too much to handle so I had to dish a spoonful of everything onto my plate! It was ALL delicious.
I would happily travel into the city just to visit this place time and time again!

Thank you to the guys at Om Vegan Kitchen for having the passion to start this amazing
place of eating, I really do leave you feeling nourished.

Sunday 13th November, 2016
Newtown Festival

Reminiscent of last weekend when we were sitting in the hot summer sun in
the Camperdown Memorial Rest Park, Sydney. It was the weekend of the Newtown Festival
& it was definitely one of those weekends you wish could last for at least a week.
My favourite part was the dog show in the morning, which I could not miss for the world!
There were all types of dogs, all sizes & they were all absolutely adorable. These particular images
are from the starting line for the big dogs race. The chocolate labrador you see above was
definitely not prepared for a race. She was looking around and even eventually lied down on her back
on the grass while lining up at the start line with all the others dogs ready to go - it was incredibly cute!

There were a lot of stalls ranging from clothing to food to handmade items.
There were also a few stages set up around the park with different sounds coming from each of them.
The crowds were incredible! Everywhere you walked in between stalls, you would be almost
rubbing shoulders with someone else. It made the vibe of the festival incredible.
Another thing that's incredible is my handsome partner - whom is pictured with the
impressive beard & who also took the amazing photo of the henna I got on my arm.
I can never walk past a henna stall!

Sunday 13th November, 2016
Flour Market

This might actually be on par with the Smooth Chocolate Festival! & to think
we were close to skipping it!
This is the Flour Market. Small enough to fit in the Sydney Boys High School hall
& grassy courtyard area but packed with a lot of unique and drool-worthy desserts
(my favourite way to use flour!)

We were in and out within an hour. We walked in the door, we were handed a cardboard tray
and we went from stall to stall to snoop out the different goodies everyone was offering.
The process was very quick and efficient and you get a tray full of goodies to
enjoy either right away on the grass or to take home. We were particularly drawn to a few of the stalls,
the products of these stalls are in the above images:
Lux Bite - the Lolly Bag Cake (7 layers with banana lolly joconde, freckles crunch,
mandarin jaffa ganache, musk mallow, spearmint leaf buttercream & redskin glaze
Black Pantry - a S'more (scorched marshmallows sandwiched with dark chocolate
in 2 graham crackers
Andy Bowdy - Cake In Jars. There were two of these!
- Rita (gingernut crumb, toasted coconut cream, spiced ginger cake,
passionfruit bavarois, spiced caramelised pineapple jam, salted brown sugar pecans, salted caramel
& torched meringue
- Pat (chocolate crumb, cherry & kirsh jam, smoke almonds, cocoa nib, crushed morello,
amareno cherry compote, white chocolate & marscapone mousse & salted chocolate fudge

Everything was as delicious as expected, if not, better. The Lolly Bag Cake was the most
interesting and yummy thing we chose, the flavours were amazing!
I gotta say though, we did not eat until dinner that day, even then, we were struggling.
But it was definitely worth it, dessert is always worth it for me.

Sunday 11th September, 2016
Smooth Chocolate Festival

It's that time of the year again - Chocolate festival time!

This is one of my favourite festivals that Sydney puts on at the iconic
Circular Quay, The Rocks.
The Sydney Smooth Chocolate Festival brings together a few of the big players
in the dessert game in Sydney but, many of the independent, small
patisserie/baking business's. I love all of them cause it means more delicious
treats! It's a chance for the smaller business's to show what they've got
& what draws me straight to check out their stalls is the new flavours and creations
these passionate bakers present - You can tell their products are every bit of who they are
& what they represent. On the other hand, it's also a chance for the big fish
to be creative with what we know as dessert & come up with creations that
are worthy of Instagramming or Facebooking to show the rest of the world
just how interesting & amazing dessert can be.

However, the most important factor that will always guide me to a dessert makers
stall, is the flavours they play with and the tastes they produce.
Well done Sydney! Thank you for having my most favourite food related festival!

Sunday 4th September, 2016
Fathers Day!

A huge Happy Fathers Day to all the dads, future dads, spiritual dads, godfathers
& anyone who calls someone a son- physically or emotionally.
We appreciate you and all that you do and we celebrate you today!

In our family's case, we celebrate together with Chinese food and Asian dessert - YUM!
I took these photographs at Passion Tree in Chatswood, Sydney. They're a dessert cafe
that is bright, buzzing and delicious! We stuffed our faces with the Matcha Mochi
Pancake Stack - complete with bits of Mochi within a scoop of matcha ice-cream,
3 layers of thick, fluffy pancakes and a hidden layer of red beans.
It was seriously addictive.

Aside from having our stomachs expanded, family time is always much needed.
That's exactly why I get excited when these days roll around - a multiple amount
of excuses to eat against your usual healthy diet and spend more time
than necessary at places of eating with the ones you love.

Thank you to all the dads for everything you do and are.

Saturday 27th August, 2016
Custom Graphics

Just tagged my car - grown-up style!
Something I've been wanting to do for a while and now I've finally bitten the bullet
and invested in some of my own promotional material for my photography business.
After so many emails back and forth, a personal visit and a phone call,
the amazingly patient crew at Custom Graphics has given me a product I am
ecstatic about and proud to show off!
They walked me through the whole process and showed me how they printed &
examples of what my particular design would look like once printed.
They made it easy for me to achieve what was in my head into a physical product.
They are definitely worth your business if you're looking into
branding your vehicle. I rate them 5-star service and quality.

Wednesday 29th June, 2016
R Coffee Co, Picton

What a beautiful little space!
This is a homely cafe in the heart of Picton, Sydney called R Coffee Co.
The interior is very clean, bright and homely with the use of white rendered bricks
& deep brown wood for the tables. The food goes that extra mile to make you
feel well fed with a delicious home cooked, yet wonderfully presented meal.
The smell when the plates of food hit the table is amazing!

If you're a coffee snob and you're looking for Campos Coffee in the, almost rural area
of the south west of Sydney, than pop by R Coffee Co for your coffee fix.
And if you're like me, and appreciate a warming meal to go with a cup of soy latte
while sitting in a simply beautiful interior, then go and take a trip to the
Southern Highlands to see all the cute little towns with their close knit shops & cafes;
and on the way, stop by R Coffee Co.

Monday 27th June, 2016

I attempted to eat at this place a few times within the first few months
of their opening, and every time I went, there was a line that went
out the door and down the street the length of the shopfront.
It was crazy!

About 6 months later, I finally get to eat there myself and it is
one of the coolest places to be/shop/eat. Their signature is
deep fried southern chicken in a shoe box. Butter is a place that
doubles as a fried chicken joint and a sneaker shop! And not just any kicks,
brands like Addidas, Nike, Air Jordans, and the list goes on.

Their fried chicken is perfect, and beware, their hottest sauce (Hot AF)
is incredibly mouth exploding! I took 3 minutes in between each bite
just to get a little relief and I usually like my food spicy.
The Cheezus Sandwich satisfies all the tastebuds that you expect
and more from a cheeseburger. And the soft serves, oh the yummy-ness!
Anything combined with Froot Loops will hit the spot, and this one was no exception.
They also sell alcohol so it's also a place you can go for drinks
while you drool over the sick kicks on the walls.

Tuesday 21st June, 2016
My first brand new car!

I finally have my own brand new car! It's so sexy!
I still haven't thought of a name to suit him yet, but I will soon.
He's a beautiful top of the range Hyundai i30; the SR Premium.
Honestly, it was the included sunroof that got me. Who wouldn't want a sunroof!
I've been driving it around for a week now and I absolutely love this car.

It has leather seats, seat warmers, a touch-screen navigation system with bluetooth,
keyless entry, tinted windows (the darkest street legal tint - thanks to my boyfriend
for remembering to negotiate that in the deal!), white lights (something I have always wanted),
LED daytime lights, a huge boot to fit all my camera gear, & the list goes on.
How can you not fall in love?
Not to mention that it's won Australia's Best Small Car a few years in a row.

I had to take it to my own little photoshoot at Clovelly before I turned it into
my second home with all my stuff inside. It is definitely worth the buy and
a very good car to get around in.

Thursday 16th June, 2016
Vivid Sydney - A Festival of Light, Music & Ideas

NOTE: In order to see the beauty of the stunning light installations as
close as possible to the real thing, you need to turn up your screen
brightness to 100%. Or, you could go and see Vivid for yourself, it's not too late!

I only got to half of Vivid this year, but the half that I saw
was worth the trip into my congested city. The images here are my favourite installations.
The first one was a beautiful light tunnel. The approach to the tunnel was
spectacular in itself; which is why I had to include the image at the beginning.
I loved the simplicity of the installation because it was just rows upon
rows of little lights that formed a tunnel that created a space with
that feeling of sacredness, or peacefulness. But what my partner pointed out,
which added another dimension of smart simplicity, was that the rows of lights became smaller.
The entrance of the tunnel was about double the height of what the exit was,
which is what created the illusion from the entrance,
of us walking into a tunnel of lights that seemed to never end.
The second pitstop I absolutely loved was the illumination of one of the many trees
in the Royal Botanic Gardens. The graphics projected onto the tree were
perfectly shaped to the trunks and details of the tree - it was breath-taking.
Also in the Botanic Gardens, at a different tree, there was an installation of
hundreds of tiny lights at the foot of the tree. It was amazing. They somehow
looked like they were alive organisms moving and swaying in the wind, almost
as though they were worshipping the tree - their leader.

If you have a chance, experience it for yourself! Stop, listen, watch, observe.
It will definitely ignite a lot of your senses.

Monday 23rd May, 2016
Rockabilly Festival, Picton & Medieval Fayre, Blacktown

This weekend was definitely a festival sort of weekend. Saturday was a good ol' time
at the Rockabilly Festival held at The George Iv Inn in Picton.
While Sunday was a day filled with the clank of armours, the smell of fire and
the sound of clashing wooden swords at none other than the Medieval Fayre in Blacktown.

My favourite part about the Rockabilly Festival is the dress-ups and of course, the classic cars.
There were plenty of these head-turning machines parked down the back and around the side of
the bustling inn; including cars, motorbikes and trucks. They ranged from original paintwork and
worn out leather interiors, to shiny (or matte) and flawless. All I know is that
these vehicles are definitely loved and I know if I had myself one of those Mustangs
I would appreciate and love it just the same.

From the Rockabilly Festival to the Medieval Fayre, haha! You couldn't get any more different.
The Medieval Fayre was quite breathtaking from the moment we stepped through the trees from our
parking spot onto the pathway that opened up to what seemed like a valley of the knights.
Everywhere you looked there were glimpses of people dressed in full knight attire, or the women
in long plain cloth dresses tied at the waist with a plain leather belt. Each station where
there was activities from the medieval era was marked by a proper cloth tent held up by wooden rods.
Everything was so well thought of and accurate to that time - it made me feel like I had literally
gone back in time and I was a young medieval maiden walking around the main city markets.
There was even a jousting competition with knights with real armour riding on majestic horses!

Monday 2nd May, 2016

Greek Easter! My first one ever and it was as much fun as I've been told.
My partner is Greek, so this year, I got to celebrate two Easters!
Yep, lots of food, lots of family time and lots of eggs.
However, for the Greeks, the eggs aren't chocolate.
They are hard-boiled and decorated and used for a cracking sport.
Everyone has an egg, they get into pairs,
one person coming from the top and the other coming from the bottom
the aim is to see if you can crack the other persons egg with one hit.
The egg that does not crack advances onto the second round with another egg
that survived the first round from another pair.
The winner gets a trophy with their name engraved on it and the title of
egg champion for a year until next Greek Easter rolls around
- well, the trophy thing might just be this Greek Easter I got to be a part of
but that's what made it more fun!

Don't get me started on all the food! There was an abundance of delicious Greek food
which is one of my favourite cuisines! And I must say, I'm pretty proud of the
dishes that my partner and I brought. He brought a yummy Spanakopita (a savoury
Greek dish with filo pastry, filled with fetta and silverbeet) and I brought
Baklava (a middle-eastern dish with filo pastry and layers of nuts and
the sweetest honey syrup you have ever tasted), YUM!
My first attempt at Baklava and definitely not my last!

Monday 25th April, 2016

The start of this weekend has been a fantasy come to life. There has been a pop-up
menu at the Surry Hills cafe, Kawa Cafe, inspired and consisted of Kellogg's Cereal!
I'm talking Cornflakes, Sultana Bran, Crunchy Nut, Coco Pops, Nutri-Grain, Froot Loops
and the list goes on.

As a kid, those sugar-filled cereals were a staple in my household
(and I'm sure in yours as well). So, naturally, when I heard that Kawa Cafe
were bringing Kellogg's cereals into their dishes and making a special menu
using their cereals, I just couldn't resist.

These photos can only communicate a tiny fraction of the joy I was experiencing
while dining at Kawa Cafe with dishes such as:
a Crunchy Nut cereal milk thickshake
Coco Pops creamy hot chocolate with a side of Coco Pops
Rice Bubbles crusted French toast with banana, maple syrup & crispy bacon
Corn Flakes crusted chicken burger
Nutri-Grain Edge oat biscuits with peanuts, cashews and salted caramel cream filling
Froot Loops cake with cereal milk icing
Sultana Bran banana bread

I will remember this weekend for a long time to come! A massive thank you to Kawa Cafe
for bringing a unique Kellogg's Cereal experience of yummy-ness and with that,
a momentary visit to the joy of my childhood where I could eat whatever I wanted
without the calories!

Wednesday 16th March, 2016

I love myself a healthy foods cafe! And by the looks of it, a lot of us are starting to
look after our health and nutrition.
The Shack in Monterey, Sydney is the perfect place for a good, nutritious meal.
I spend many hours searching google for a 'healthy cafe' to go to and try out
however, I stumbled across this one driving down Barton St one scorching summer day
and I had to stop because I needed something cold, refreshing, sweet but wouldn't break my clean eating.
(I know, very particular right?)

I had a quick sneak peek at the menu while waiting for my super charged smoothie
and knew that I had to come back to try the delicious things I was eyeing.
Egg white omelettes with spicy smoked turkey breast, fetta cheese,
paleo bread, avocado - it was seriously one of the most delicious, satisfying,
nutritious meals I have ever had.

They even have a wholefoods market as part of their cafe.
You can get so many different types of whole foods that are good for you.
The perfect place to do your grocery shopping if you like looking after your body
and don't mind spending the bit of extra cash to do so.

It's the perfect place to just relax and grab a bite to eat after
going for a swim down the road at the Brighton-Le-Sands stretch of white sand
and clear, calm water. The interiors and atmosphere definitely reflect the
feels of a hip beach shack. I'll be back again very soon!

Thursday 3rd March, 2016

If you don't know, there is a tiny little suburb in Sydney hidden between Glebe, Annandale and Camperdown.
And this is where this cute, homely bakery is hidden.
I would never have had the chance to visit or even know about it
if I did not live right above it for a couple of weeks.

It is called Goose Bakery and it is owned by the kindest Japanese couple.
One Sunday morning, we came home around 2am after a Saturday night out,
walked past the bakery and a couple of the lights were on
and the two owners were already there with their aprons on!

You can tell they love what they do and are dedicated as soon as you have a chat with them,
but also by tasting their food. They pour 100% into their baking and
I feel like everything they sell is made with love - cheesy, but true in this case.
Everything is made by them in store, meaning the smell coming from this place
is absolutely delicious!

Goose Bakery will definitely make you lose track of time - relax and enjoy good treats at
a place that will make you feel like you're at home.

Wednesday 10th February, 2016

Happy Chinese New Year! Or, the phrase that I grew up with - Kung Hee Fat Choy!

This is one of my favourite times of the year.
For one I'm still young enough to receive red packets from my family members (which contain money),
and I also love all the traditional celebrations involved with Chinese New Year.
The lion dancing is what I look forward to the most. Two people that control a Chinese lion costume,
mimicking the exact movements of what this mythical creature (similar to a dog) would make.
Every time I see them dance, it makes me remember when my parents would bring me into the city
to see the parade and the lions would capture my attention.
Because of how the people in the costume would move, the lions seemed real to me as a child
(and now, still). They were like playful dogs, running between the crowds and dancing up to people.

These traditional events are only a fraction of what the City of Sydney puts on for Chinese New Year.
For the past couple of years there has been a Lunar Market held as the sun sets.
This year, it's held in Pyrmont Park, just in front of The Star. There are many different food stalls
with a variety of asian cuisine, from street food to amazing creations.
We tried the Peking Duck Fries from Bao Stop and the Sakura Burger from Everybody Loves Ramen.
The Peking Duck Fries did not disappoint! The duck was cooked perfectly and the sauce is everything
you would expect from a traditional peking duck dish, except it was on a bed of fries!
The Sakura Burger was on another level of delicious-ness.
As soon as I took the first bite, I was in heaven.
There were so many unique flavours and they went together flawlessly.
If everyone didn't hear me when I said how impressed I was by that burger,
I'm sure they saw it in my expression.

Take a bit of time out of one of your nights to go out and see what Sydney is putting on
for Chinese New Year, it definitely will be a fun, tasty experience!

Saturday 6th February, 2016

This was my Australia Day weekend/early Valentines weekend.
My partner (pictured above) whisked me away to Canberra.
We lived it up at the Hyatt Hotel, drinking and eating as much as we could stomach.
I'm pretty sure I put on a couple of kilos from the 2 nights we stayed there.
It's definitely worth the stay if you want to treat yourself for a weekend.
The room we stayed in came with the gym/pool/sauna/tennis courts access and
not to mention a complimentary buffet breakfast complete with savoury, baked, & sweets
and by night, complimentary canapes and what we discovered to be not only wine and beer,
but spirits as well; such as Jack Daniels, Whisky, etc.

On the way to Canberra, we stopped off at Grandma's at the Farm, which was absolutely delicious!
I've been to Grandma's Little Bakery in Alexandria before, so it was nice to dine at the
place where some of their produce is made, such as their olives, olive oil, etc.
They're pastries are definitely a must to try if you ever get a chance to visit their various locations.

One morning of our stay we heard the sound of jet planes flying overhead,
so we went onto the verandah and waited and sure enough
there were jet planes flying in V formation directly over the hotel!
We assumed it must have been as a celebration for Australia Day.

Anyway, I know it's belated, but Happy Australia Day!
Australia is definitely an amazing place to live and I appreciate it every day.

Friday 8th January, 2016

The South West of Sydney has been my home for a long time and I absolutely love it.
As much as I love venturing out into the Inner West of Sydney every chance I get,
my roots and a lot of my personality comes from being brought up and living most of my life so far
in the Liverpool Council area.

This is what makes me proud to make this post because it's a restaurant
that was so delicious and local to me. The south-west is picking up their
food game and it's definitely becoming a place worth visiting!

Red Sichuan is in Canley Vale and it's a Chinese Restaurant that does Hot Pot.
I had the biggest craving for hot pot the other night and these guys did not disappoint!
Hot Pot is a style of cooking/dining where there is a large pot of boiling broth at your table
(we got a chicken soup and a chilli soup), and then the ingredients are brought out
raw for you to pop into the soup. Then you wait only a couple of minutes for it to cook
and you scoop whatever you want out and eat.
They have a set menu - for those that find it hard to decide on food and eat a lot.
Then they have a menu of all the things you can get for the hot pot and you can just number the things you want.
So simple and easy for a group to dine at as you can just pass the menu around and mark whatever you fancy.
Not to mention a lot of fun with a big group!

Wednesday 6th January, 2016

Has anyone else noticed that Greek cuisine is popping up everywhere in Sydney now?
I love exploring different cultures and especially if it's involving food.
So naturally, this greek restaurant got me excited - that and the fact that my partner is half Greek.

This is Ahgora on Glebe Point Road in Glebe, Sydney.
The food there is absolutely delicious! My part Greek man said so himself,
so if that's anything to go by, the food must be true to the Greek flavours.
Everything on the menu sounded amazing, but we finally decided on the beef kaftas, pita bread with a couple of dips
and this refreshing citrus, beetroot salad (which you can see in the images above).

I would definitely visit this place for a meal again and service was great!
Personally, I love all these different cultures showcasing their food in Sydney.
More food please!

Thursday 31st December, 2015

This whole obsession with sweets that Sydney has developed is completely ruining my clean eating goals!
There are monster collaborations popping up everywhere and they are too delicious to ignore.
This is one of the crazes - Doughnuts with toppings!

These babies are from the Doughnut Time in Chippendale. There is also a little store inside Top Shop in Sydney CBD.

This is just a portion of the various sweets I consumed over the Christmas period!
I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and got lots of family, rest and party time.
I want to thank you for taking the time to come on this journey with me, following my adventures
and keeping up-to-date with my photo journal. I hope it's been inspiring you to go on your own adventures!

Now, let's welcome in the new year! Here's to many more crazy sweet creations to come!

Sunday 29th November, 2015

I came across this delicious food joint at the Glebe Street Fair that happened 2 weeks ago.
The smell coming from the stall was too good to pass by, and I'm always a sucker for mediterranean food.
This was a yummy wrap involving olives and cheese and tomato - every bite full of flavour!

There were many other food stalls with every kind of cuisine you can think of,
as well as clothing and product stalls of all different kinds.
There were little stages set up throughout Glebe Point Road for live music like bands and DJs.

It was a very good day out - food, knick knacks, music. Not to mention all the cute little dogs
wandering about with their owners (adorable)!

Friday 20th November, 2015

Last night I spent 2 hours in an asian-style pimped out warehouse with amazing food and vibes.

This is one of the photos from the night of the one-of-a-kind watermelon cake from Black Star Pastry
- refreshing and creamy in one hit!
And how amazing does the little cupcake with the golden gaytime poking out of it?
That sweet was from Sugar High Desserts and since it was an asian-themed event,
they adapted the golden gaytime to have matcha inside! (YUM!)

The event is called Sens-Asian and it's hosted by Mojo by Luke Mangan.
The food stalls sold savoury as well as sweet treats
- I had some delicious jaffles, duck pancakes and baos. *drool
There were also many treats from the other stalls there that I wanted to devour,
but I didn't fancy spending a whole day at the gym making up for it.
Among Black Star Pastry and Sugar High were
N2 Extreme Gelato, Mak Mak, Cakes by Cliff and Pop Shop Sydney.

So you can imagine I was in absolute heaven.

I definitely hope this becomes a yearly thing!

Saturday 14th November, 2015

Finally got a chance to visit this place after drooling over all the Instagrams of this crazy food fusion!
It's called Piccolo Me and they do some real interesting things with delicious food.

But today, I came for the Cheesy Frenchy - which is this greasy goodness on a croissant!
It's pretty much a cheeseburger on a croissant, and it is seriously amazing.

I sat there just thinking about when my next trip to this place was going to be.
They had so many things on the menu that I wanted to try - most of the dishes being completely unique to Piccolo Me.
An example of a dish I'll be waiting to go back for, is the deep fried nutella ice cream (YUM!),
not to mention the croissants stuffed with tim tam fillings (and other fillings).
But the one on Hunter Street in Sydney's CBD is my first priority.
On Fridays, they have Pretzos - nacho style pretzels with cheese, chorizo, avocado and tomato relish.

Monday 2nd November, 2015

This is a late entry, but it was this beautiful girls birthday last Thursday!
So we went out for dinner to celebrate (and I ate myself sick!)

There's something about having dinner with friends that does good.
Especially at a place that serves amazing food and has a great atmosphere.
We ate at an Italian Restaurant called Grano in Wetherill Park and it was absolutely delicious.
Plus, I'm a sucker for outdoor garden dining places!

A beautiful place with beautiful food for this bella.

Sunday 1st November, 2015

This is an artwork done by a 15 year old, Zach Lee.

He's just started an Instagram for his designs and art and he's amazing.
He also happens to be my brother. (Thought I'd show him some love!)

If you need some graphics or artwork or design done,
check him out at - @zleedesign on Instagram.

Definitely watch this space!

Friday 30th October, 2015

I absolutely love henna. If it was viable, I probably would spend a good portion of my money
on getting henna patterns drawn on me constantly.
I am, however, contemplating on getting close to that, which is a henna pattern tattooed on.

If you havent heard of henna tattoos before, they are traditional Indian patterns drawn on the skin.
They last for about a week to two weeks and they are the most intricate designs you'll ever see.
You most commonly see them on Indian brides as part of their wedding traditions.

I'm fascinated by the Indian ladies every time I get one done,
drawn straight onto your skin with no template and sometimes as quick as a couple of minutes!
But they're still so detailed and delicate.
Can you tell I love them?

Monday 26th October, 2015

A self-portrait.

I travel around Sydney so much and take so many photographs of amazing views, that I get to see everyday.
But sometimes they can feel a little plain and the same thing, just different location.
So I thought I might do something different and do a self portrait of the view I was seeing
and the calm, peaceful atmosphere I was experiencing.
Hopefully it helps you to imagine what it would be like to be there experiencing it with me.

This is Anderson Park in North Sydney.
And this image is taken at the waters edge with a view of the beautiful homes and the parked boats in the bay.
Behind me there is a field of grass perfect for the fitness fanatics or the picnic lovers.
It really is a beautiful, quiet park amidst the hustle and bustle of North Sydney.
It was perfect for my afternoon nap in the sun!

Wednesday 21st October, 2015

One of my new favourite places!

This is The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar.
I was racking my brain thinking of places I could go in between shoots to relax
and do some editing, when I remembered that this new place was opening up.
The Rabbit Hole have always been known for their signature Rabbit Hole Chai Tea,
but it was only a few months ago at the Sydney Tea Festival that I found out that
they were opening a tea bar!
Needless to say, I was delighted!

They have all the teas you would know and love,
but they also have a lot more amazing varieties.
If you love tea, or even if you don't, I would suggest visiting this tea bar on a little corner in Redfern.
They also serve delicious brunch if you aren't the tea type.

Amongst the variety of flavours, I still found myself drawn to the jasmine with a hint of green tea.
The sand timer in the image you see above is what I loved about this experience.
It begins when the tea is brought to you and once the timer runs out, the tea is ready to pour -
It adds that little bit of detail.

Wednesday 14th October, 2015

The annual Night Noodle Markets are here!

They're held at Hyde Park, Sydney every year and they serve up the most delicious food,
name an Asian cuisine and you're bound to find it there.

This year the foodie craze has blown up, and some of the dishes that can be found
at these markets this year reflect how much we love our interesting and innovative dishes.
I'm not sure if you noticed, but these three sliders aren't just normal sliders.
One bun is made with matcha, the other with rice and the third with ramen noodles!
The ramen was so delicious I am definitely going to pay One Tea Lounge a visit
to devour a normal size Ramen Burger! Yum!

I'm planning on making a trip back to this impressive temple-looking stall by Messina.
There was a huge line for them, and a huge line usually indicates something amazing worth waiting for.
At a glimpse of their menu, they had a dish that incorporated baos (a traditional asian bun, usually with filling)
with their signature delicious ice-cream as the filling!

So if you happen to be in Sydney for the next week and a half,
definitely schedule a visit to these Night Noodle Markets and make sure you come with an empty stomach!

Wednesday 7th October, 2015

Personally, I love graffiti.

I love places where people can freely express what they're thinking, feeling, seeing.
It's fascinating how people can envision something in their minds, whether it be a picture or a word;
and then they can transfer it onto a wall, or paper, or screen in such creative ways.
To me, it doesn't matter whether it's a detailed, realistic drawing, or a scribble of a curse word.
Being in a space like this where everything is included and embraced is pretty evoking.

This tunnel is hidden somewhere in Sydney University, which my dear friend Lachlan kindly brought us to
since I heard about it and wanted to check it out!
It's a public space and it's legal for anyone to go and graffiti
- so, go and express yourself!

(Featured Model - Percy Reddy)

Sunday 4th October, 2015

This is how I spent my Saturday morning this long weekend.
How stunning is this view?

I was lucky enough to score this place through Airbnb, just to stay one night.
I currently live in the South West of Sydney, but I love the beach!
So I went searching for a place to stay that would allow me to experience
waking up to the sound of waves and a beautiful view like this to see the sunrise.
This place met all my expectations and exceeded them.
The owner had the place immaculate when I arrived, left us snacks and drinks in the fridge
and had fresh clean towels - it was very much like hotel service.

If you've never tried Airbnb, I suggest you try it the next time you travel,
or even if you just want a night out of the house.
It's a social site that has listings of different houses all over the world
where the owner may not live at home or has some spare space and wouldn't mind hosting guests.
It's the best way to meet people and to experience the place more intimately than a hotel.

This place is in North Bondi and if you want to search for it, it's called the 'Bondi Beach Pad'
or you can follow this link:

I woke up in the morning, made myself breakfast (granola in a glass with milk, YUM!)
and walked down the stairs to the balcony with the view in this photo.
And then I changed into my swimmers and walked down the stairs, through the wooden gate
and down to the beach for a swim.
If that isn't bliss, I don't know what is.

Tuesday 29th September, 2015

Last Sunday was The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival
- where the moon is at its fullest and roundest.
It's a day celebrated in Chinese culture, and something that symbolises this big festival
is moon cake! (featured in the top image)

You can find these sorta sweet cakes at any asian supermarket grocer and
they come in a few different flavours to try.
But my mum would tell you the traditional one with lotus paste is still the best.

The Malaysian Festival was also held at Pyrmont Park last Sunday, by Malaysian students.
I'm definitely glad they put in the effort to showcase this culture
- food, performances, products, pretty much what makes Malaysia, Malaysia.
My parents were born and raised in Malaysia, so I definitely
enjoyed spending a couple of hours there and being able to experience the culture (especially the aromas!)
along with other Malaysians.

I'm a foodie, so it made me happy to see a food truck that was dedicated to Malaysian food!
This is Yang's Malaysian Food Truck and among the menu last weekend, they had soft shell crab and
my favourite Malaysian drink, Teh Tarik
- a very sweet white tea made by a pulling technique to make it nice and frothy.

The festival also had many other stalls dedicated to Malaysian food,
which is where I got one of my favourite savoury treats
- the BBQ Pork Bun (Char Siew Bao).
If you haven't tried these, they are the best mix of sweet and savoury in a flaky pastry!
Well, this one was the baked one, but you can usually find them in a white dough-y bun,
which is just as delicious!

Friday 25th September, 2015

I am in love with this scent.

Finding your new scent is a tedious task, who would've thought putting
so many perfume bottles to your nose would be so tiring!
Not to mention sniffing coffee beans in between.
So I finally found a smell that I wanted to claim as my own,
and now I'm having difficulty refraining from over spraying (is there such a thing?).
It's amazing how different it can make you feel throughout your day
when you can smell a scent on yourself that you love.

I bought this bottle from Priceline.
They made it easy, as they take most of the different perfumes and colognes
out as tester bottles for you to sniff or spray.
No need to bother an employee and if you're anything like me
you can sniff and re-sniff to your hearts content.

Wednesday 23rd September, 2015

Food is my absolute weakness.

Most of the profiles I follow on Instagram are related to food,
and how I found out about these babies is by way of exactly that.
If you love food as much as me and are also into your fitness and healthy eating
(which is hard to balance sometimes), these desserts are probably one of the better options to go for.
They are known as Cocowhip Sundaes and they can be found in many different cafes now with different flavours.
I've been wanting to try the Mint Slice one for awhile and now I can finally say and show
the long awaited visit to Sadhana Kitchen in Enmore for some Cocowhip!
They're like soft serves but made of coconut and without the excessive bad processed stuff.
Definitely worth a try!

Friday 18th September, 2015

Another week of work done and dusted. This past week, I've been shooting real estate
down south of NSW - The Southern Highlands.

Living in Sydney, the amount of driving to get down to the Southern Highlands has definitely taken a toll on me
however, some of the houses I've been able to shoot in this area have been absolutely stunning.
The Southern Highlands are littered with beautiful historic architecture,
parks and intimate town centres with shops and cute cafes.
You definitely feel like you're in another place where the air is clear and
life is simpler and somehow, more beautiful.
It presented me with the opportunity to stop and take the beauty of it all in.

That's exactly what I decided to do when I took this photo while travelling
in between two different shoots.

Wednesday 16th September, 2015

It's very rare that I get a chance to sit down and write about my adventures two days in a row,
but I really wanted to share what I got up to over this past weekend.

This is a genius creation by Adriano Zumbo, can you believe it's sweet?!
The Smooth Chocolate Festival was on over this past weekend at The Rocks in Sydney.
The Adriano Zumbo tent was the first place I wanted to make a beeline for to get this baby!
We went to explore the other tents selling more chocolatey goodness, but we were so full
of sugar from these two amazing sweets, we couldn't handle anymore! (Which may be a lie in my case)
So, if you're visiting Sydney or you're a Sydney sider, this is definitely worth a day out.
It happens every year around September, just be prepared to consume a lot of sugar!

Tuesday 15th September, 2015

A contrast to my previous entry, my adventures take me to the hilltops of North Sydney.

Along the windy roads in Clontarf, there are amazing views in between the houses.
Amongst the houses is where I found this beautiful antique lamp post
and knew I had to stop to take a photo.
This view absolutely took my breath away.

Tuesday 8th September, 2015

My adventures have led me to a glimpse of a place similar to the famous Venice canals, but in Sydney.
On my way to a real-estate shoot in Sylvania Waters, I came across this view through a small opening.
It isn't quite the same as Venice, however, I think we can agree that what makes this possibly as nice (or even nicer)
is the Sydney sun shimmering on the water and flooding into the beautiful houses that sit at the waters edge.
I drove around searching for a possible open park that would allow me to sit and enjoy the waters edge,
but I couldn't see any. I think that's what made this view so special to find.
Sylvania Waters is made to be enjoyed by the residents, beautiful and private.